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Skuut – Walk It, Ride It, Skuut It and Glide It

Most people are very familiar with the Skuut.  It’s hard to miss this very interestingproduct.  First of all, it’s a bike that’smade of wood.  Take a little time toabsorb that in.  Once you’ve settled tothe fact that it’s a bike that’s made of wood, that’s the time that you have toknow that it’s a bike that doesn’t have pedals with it.  This is why those people that are not familiar with theSkuut are a little apprehensive.  Theydon’t know how kids can actually have fun with it.  Well, you’ll be comforted to know that yourkid can have fun with it in a lot of ways.Walk itOne of the best things about this balancing bike is your kidgets to start slowly but surely.  Yourkid can start by sitting on the bike and instead of pedaling, he can walk.  While walking, he gets to balance himselfbetter so that he’s not going to fall. But even if he’s just walking, it’s a lot of fun because he gets tosteer the bike.  It’s slow motion, but it’sa lot of fun for kids and it’s just for starters anyway.Ride itOnce he gets the hang of it, he now gets to have more fun.  He can do this by riding on it.  It will be faster and therefore, morefun.  He’s going to have a lot of funkicking off the ground so he can go faster. You can think of it like running but it’s more fun.  In the process, he gets a lot of exercisewhich is a huge bonus.  Skuut itNow this is where the real fun begins.  This is when your kid assumes the bestaerodynamic position and let the toy entertain him.  Now, there are a lot of balancing bikes inthe market right now.  This is why youhave to make sure that you buy a trusted model like the Skuut.  This is to make sure that your kid gets tohave the most amount of fun safely.  Glide itThis is when your kid just gets to have relaxed fun.  You can think of it like cruising when you’redriving.  There’s no hurry to getanywhere and you’re just enjoying the drive. In this case, your kid is just relaxing while letting the Skuut takeover.  Your kid will just glide all overthe place and that’s relaxing fun.As you can probably see, there are a lot of ways for kids tohave fun.  This is why it’s verypopular.  Check it out today to see whythis is the case.  You may need to seefor yourself what the fuss is all about.

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